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Speech Partners provides initial screening, comprehensive assessment, and individualized therapy services to children and adults with a variety of communication difficulties (speech and language delays, reading and literacy, stuttering, and Autism Spectrum Disorders, cognitive communication difficulties and swallowing disorders). Collaboration and a team approach are important for ensuring the success of therapy. We educate parents and caregivers on using strategies to improve the client's communication skills. We also consult with a child's school, daycare facility or other healthcare professionals. 

If you are concerned about your child's or your speech, language or swallowing abilities contact us to schedule an appointment. We will conduct an initial free screening to identify potential communication and/or swallowing problems. If problems are suspected we will recommend scheduling an appointment for a comprehensive assessment. We will evaluate your child's or your speech, language or swallowing during the assessment using the tools below. We will analyze the assessment results and will make recommendations based on these results which will include follow up and/or therapy. If therapy is recommended we will set mutual intervention goals to address your child's or your areas of concern. 


Screenings and Assessments 

  • Parent, caregiver, teacher or client interviews

  • Informal observations

  • Screenings and informal assessments  

  • Standardized comprehensive assessments 




We also provide education and training for parents, caregivers, and schools

To schedule a free consultation contact us at 647-848-2988, email us at or fill out the online form.

Services are available online, in the clinic, your home, school, long term care or childcare facility.

There are no waiting lists. 

Funding is available for eligible families through various private and government assistance programs. For more information visit the FUNDING page.

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