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Reading and Literacy

Children with speech and language delays and disorders often have difficulty with reading skills which negatively impacts their academic performance and social interaction with peers. Speech-Language Pathologists play an important role in helping children with communication challenges read and write. 


Word recognition and reading comprehension are two important components of reading. Word recognition refers to the ability to identify written words through sight recognition (automatic recognition of familiar words) and word decoding. There are several elements that are necessary for the development of decoding skills which include blending sounds into words (phonemic awareness), identifying letters, matching letters to sounds, knowledge of vocabulary and spelling patterns and knowledge of patterns of word formation. Reading comprehension refers to the ability to understand written text. It is comprised of knowledge of vocabulary and grammar, background knowledge, the ability to make inferences, problem solve and use metacognitive strategies, such as self-monitoring and planning. 


If you are concerned about your child’s reading abilities call us for a free screening at 647-848-2988, by email at or fill out the online form. We will determine if your child needs a comprehensive assessment and will schedule an assessment session. Following the assessment, we will identify where the breakdown in reading occurs and will discuss with you the results of the assessment and the goals to be targeted in therapy. 


Services are available online, in the clinic, your home, school, or child care facility in the following locations


There are no waiting lists. 


Funding is available for eligible families through various private and government assistance programs. For more information visit the FUNDING page.

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